Sundays  |  11:00 - 12:15  |  St Nicholas Cole Abbey

The gospel

The gospel is the good news of Jesus, God’s perfect Son, who lived a sinless life, and died to take the punishment we deserve. He conquered death, rising as Lord, and promises to return both to judge and to save.

It’s the gospel that opens up a restored, everlasting relationship with God which starts now for all who trust and follow Jesus.

The gospel is the only true hope for our world – the only way to truly know Him.

The gospel is a story of grace. Grace that saves us and transforms us and compels us.

That’s why we make God’s gospel central in everything we do….

The Bible

St Nick’s is a friendly evangelical church in the heart of central London, and Bible teaching is at the heart of all that we do. 

God has always worked by His Spirit, through His Word, for His glory. 

It is by His Word that God created the universe, and sustains it to this day.

And crucially, it is by His Word that God reveals His gospel: The good news of Jesus.

Church of England

In October 2021 a group from our church family met with Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, to discuss our concerns with the Living in Love and Faith (“LLF”) process.