Sundays  |  11:00 - 12:15  |  St Nicholas Cole Abbey

Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known

Our vision is to help all people come to know Jesus.

We believe a relationship with Jesus is what we were created to enjoy and our aim is to help you deepen your love for him as you grow to know him through his word. We trust that a deepening love for Jesus is what helps us to make him known to the friends, family and colleagues he has placed us among.

In the City of London


We love London! We love being part of such a vibrant, multicultural city.

St Nick’s is located right in the middle of the historic Square Mile. While we’re not a typical local church, we’re local to where many people work. Half a million people work within the Square Mile – most of whom haven’t yet had a chance to meet Jesus.

While not all of our church family work in the City, getting the gospel out in the workplaces in central London is something we’re all excited about, as we encourage each other to live for Jesus in the workplace and seek to introduce colleagues to him.

We know that some come to London just for a few years. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to do a deep work in training people in the gospel before they head to other parts of the UK, or overseas. See the different ways we seek to train our church family here. 

We also recognise some find London a hard place to be – city life can be busy and yet lonely. If you’ve recently moved to London, we’re sure you’ll find St Nick’s a welcoming, friendly place with people in a similar position to you.

How we began


Our Sunday church was planted in November 2016 from a network of midweek lunchtime talks for London workers – so reaching the City has always been a central part of our vision.

You may have also heard about us through the coffee shop The Wren which operates out of St Nick’s midweek. If so, please come and visit us!