We seek to train people with the gospel whenever the Bible is opened, whether formally or informally. So we hope that each sermon and teaching slot will strengthen and equip our church family with the gospel, but there are a few more formal ways in which we hope to train others too.

Small Groups

Each Wednesday we meet together to study God’s Word together. We study a cycle of books that we wish to cover on a 2 to 3 year basis, starting with Mark, then Romans. We aim to study one book for the whole academic year, seeking to become very familiar with the author and his words that reveal the gospel of Jesus Christ to us.

Whilst there are many reasons for, and ways to run, small groups, we are aiming for one thing above all: to help every member discover God’s truth and hear him speak to them for themselves. So, rather than teaching the passage, we seek to help the group members see what God, through the human author, have to say to us through the passage – and to give them confidence that they can do this, with the Spirit’s help, for themselves!

Therefore, we give each member a ‘prep’ book at the start of the year, with questions that help you unpack the passage for yourself, so you can come to the study wanting to get more clear on what God is saying, and help others to do so to.

Come join us! We are studying John’s gospel in 2019-20.

Click here to see some of the prep resources available.

Reading one-to-one

Similarly, we wish to equip all our church family to do the works of ministry, of speaking the truth in love to build the body up to maturity (Ephesians 4v11-16). So, we have a healthy culture of church family reading the Bible one-to-one with each other, to disciple and pastorally care for others, and to train them to know and love the gospel and to speak or teach it to others too.

Word Ministry Training (WMT)

A modular training scheme, with three terms per year, seeking to develop gospel priorities and a ministry mindset. Each term has a focus: gospel convictions, evangelism and leaders training.

Develop gospel priorities and ministry mindset.  We want WMTs to be whole-hearted disciples and witnesses for the Lord Jesus either in full time secular work or in full time Bible teaching.

Develop convictions about word ministry.  We want WMTs to be convinced that God’s word is sufficient to save and keep people for eternal life.

Develop Bible handling and teaching skills.  We want WMTs to be able to understand and teach the Bible clearly.

We will invite those in our church family for whom we think this is the best next step; whom we long to see developed as a mature believer and to flourish in word ministry, to the glory of God. They will need to have shown themselves to be godly, trustworthy, reliable, committed members of their small group and of our church family.

St Nick’s Training Scheme: Ministry Trainees

We are taking on Trainees for September 2020.

Our Training Scheme, in partnership with the Cornhill Training Course, offers Trainees in-depth Bible teaching and ministry experience. It can be full or part-time.

Located in the heart of the City, we aim to reach the half a million who work within the Square Mile with the good news of Jesus.

Please download full details of our Training Scheme Ministry Trainees 2020

For an application form, please email Suzie: [email protected]

Any Questions?

Please speak to Chris or Alyssa if you have any questions or are interested in exploring the possibility of any of the above further. You can contact them via Suzie at [email protected]