Weekends Away

We run three weekends away for our church family every year which are always real highlights.

Each weekend away is a great opportunity to get to know God better through his word, and to have a lot of fun getting to know church family better outside of the City.

Our upcoming weekend:

When and where: November 13-14 2020 at St Nick’s Church!

Price and payment: £20. Please use the card reader to pay before or during the weekend.

The Schedule:

Friday dinner and introduction, 7pm – 9.15pm

Saturday breakfast & teaching, 9am – 1pm (Small group lunches offsite from 1pm onwards).

The Subject: 

Right now, everything feels up in the air. Nothing’s as expected, and no one knows what the future holds. Planning next weekfeels risky, let alone any further ahead! And we might be left feeling confused, frustrated, angry or lost.

But into all this, God says that the things that matter most about the future, are not up in the air. Jesus tells us what to expect, and he knows exactly what the future holds. We’re going to spend a weekend hearing about where this world is headed, what the end will bring, and how that both challenges and comforts us in the middle of uncertainty.

Peter says: “set your hope fully on the grace that will be yours.” Jesus says: “you must be ready.” Paul says: “press on towards the goal.” Our prayer is that this weekend will give us joy and confidence to keep going through our present trials, and help us live lives that are truly worthwhile.

Here is a taste from a previous weekend:

Future Dates for the Diary

February 5-7 2021
May 7-9 2021