Welcome to St Nick’s!

As well as being the Wren coffee shop during the week, St Nick’s church is home to a young and lively growing church family. 

We’d love to welcome you to any of our meetings run regularly throughout the week! 

Ways To Get Involved

The Wren

The Wren is open every weekday for coffee, pastries and food. 

If you have any questions about the Christian faith or simply want to find out more about Christianity, one of our staff team would love to offer you a free coffee and a chat in the Wren.

If none of these slots work for you please use the email below to organise a time!


We meet every Sunday in the building for a church service.

Service from 11am
Coffee and pastries from 10.30am

During this time we will listen to God’s word, pray and sing together. The service runs until around 12.15pm after which people usually grab some food locally to bring back to the building and share together. 

You’re very welcome to join us this Sunday at St Nick’s church.
We’d love to see you here!


We meet with many City workers every Thursday lunchtime during termtime for a short Bible talk.

From 1.05pm-1.35pm

We believe that the best way to make Jesus known is to teach the Bible. As we do this week by week, we trust that sceptics and enquires are given the best possible opportunity to meet Jesus, and Christians are equipped to make Him known in their places of work.