What is it?

Workers’ Ministry Training (WMT) is a one year scheme designed to provide training in bible handling and teaching for Christians who work in the City. It’s designed to run alongside a full-time job from September to June, meeting:

  • One weekday evening per week (6.00pm to 8.30pm)
  • One Saturday per month (9.30am to 12.30pm)

Click here to see the diary for the current academic year.

What will we cover?

On a weekday evening we will study 3 bible books together while being trained to lead small group bible studies. Then we will have a chance to use what we have learned to serve others by teaching them one to one or in small groups.

In our Saturday morning sessions we will have seminars on a range of topics, including:

  • Bible handling tools (how to study the Bible)
  • Evangelism training
  • Basic bible overview
  • Preaching practice
  • Topical issues like priorities of workplace ministry, the mission of the church, etc.

We expect our trainees to do about 5 hours of prep per week.

Who is it for?

Quite simply anyone who would like further training for gospel ministry. Our trainees might join the scheme because they don’t have formal training opportunities available at their local church, or because they are not yet ready or able to do a full-time training scheme.

What is it trying to achieve?

Develop gospel priorities and ministry mindset.  We want WMTs to be whole-hearted disciples and witnesses for the Lord Jesus either in full time secular work or in full time bible teaching.

Develop convictions about Word ministry.  We want WMTs to be convinced that God’s word is sufficient to save and keep people for eternal life.

Develop bible handling and teaching skills.  We want WMTs to be able to understand and teach the Bible clearly.

What happens after the scheme?

Our trainees will either:

  • Stay in the workplace (now much better equipped)
  • Apply to a full-time training scheme (i.e., a church-based apprenticeship or the Cornhill Training Course)

How do I apply?

Download the application form here and email a copy to Dan Hong at [email protected]