Coronavirus – COVID-19

A message from Chris Fishlock

Dear Church Family

Having a correct perspective in our world, especially through the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, is more important than ever.

The Bible makes it clear that whatever happens in this world, our heavenly Father remains in control and intimately involved. Psalm 93 opens with the words: ‘The LORD reigns …’. As we often say at St Nick’s Church, ‘The Lord is indeed on his throne!’ A good reminder that we really can cast all our cares and concerns at his feet.

It is also crucial to remember – now as ever – that there is something more pressing in this world than a solution to the Coronavirus issue and that is the urgent need for people to find salvation in the Lord Jesus whilst they still have time. To that end, our mission as a church family remains the same: To know Jesus and make him known. Please join me in praying that the current problems in our world will cause many to turn to and trust in the gospel.

As a church family we have a duty of care to one another and to our community and so I hope the following more practical steps are both helpful and reassuring: (please read to the end)

1. Public meetings (Sundays, Midweek and Small Groups)
Owing to the progress of the COVID-19 virus, the Government’s advice is such that we cannot carry on gathering for any of these meetings. So, as of Tuesday 17 March 2020 we have continued with all our usual meetings, but virtually. Every public meeting has continued – and will do until otherwise noted – via live stream.

Please do not attempt to join us in person at any of the usual times, as the talks will not be delivered in any of our usual venues.

The links for the various streams are below, and will also be circulated weekly in our usual emails.

Sundays (11am – 11.40am)

London Bridge Talks (Tuesdays, 1pm – 1.35pm)

Fleet Street Talks (Wednesdays, 1pm – 1.35pm)

St Nick’s Talks (Thursdays, 1pm – 1.35pm)

Small Groups (Wednesdays, 7pm – 7.15pm)

After around 10-15mins live streaming on a Wednesday evening, Small Groups will then meet virtually. Each leader should have been in touch with group members individually about the platform they plan to use. We understand they worked well last week on the whole – though it will never be a perfect substitute. Please bear with one another and be as sensitive and sensible as you can to reduce unnecessary noise and distractions.

If you are not currently in a Small Group but would like to be for the time being, please contact Alyssa ([email protected]) who will be happy to designate you to a group.

Partnership Groups (Tuesdays, 8am – 8.50am)
These will all continue virtually for the time-being. Each leader will be in touch with their individual groups.

A further note on talks
We hope that, in this uncertain time, there will be many opportunities to share the sure hope of Jesus.

To that end, do feel free to forward the link to colleagues, friends, family etc. who may be shaken and asking big questions about life.

We still plan to hold ‘Questions for Life’ talks. However, some guest speakers will send us pre-recorded talks instead of live-streaming. In those instances, we will circulate a link to the recording.

Church Family Care
Please let us know if you are self-isolating, or if you are aware of other members of our church family who are, as we want to make sure you/they have the pastoral care and practical support needed. Please also let us know if you are aware of anyone who is particularly anxious, lonely or vulnerable.

Also, please don’t hesitate to ask me or any of our Small Group leaders if there is anything you would especially like to discuss or pray through.

Please click here for Public Health England guidance.
Please click here for Church of England guidance.

Be assured of our prayers, and please be in touch if there are particular ways in which we can support you.

Chris Fishlock
Friday 20 March 2020